Netflix Family Business Season 3

Series Name: Family Business

Release Date:8 October 2021
Created By: Igor Gotesman
Genre: Comedy

Netflix Series 2021:- Family Business Season 3 is an upcoming comedy-drama series, a Paris family choose to turn its declining kosher butcher shop into the first French marijuana coffee shop.

Season 3:-Capture by Penelope Cavillan, the Hazans find themselves in the hands of the Cartel. They will have to build a plan to free themselves. In Paris, Aida, Clementine, and Youssef will do everything to find them. Family Business, the final season 3, premiere on Netflix on October 8.

The Hazans escaped to a remote monastery, where they contended with volatile captors. They also faced a mind-bending new product line and a doozy of a family secret.

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